Guess who’s back!?….

Hello you lovely lot !

It has been weeks! Scratch that…MONTHS!
Been about 2 months since my last post. I kinda went off the internet radar in total !
What have you all been doing? πŸ™‚
Hope everyone is well !

So, the reason I have been completely off the radar? I took my own advise.
I am always saying I need to experience more, try new things.
So I did. I usually spend so much time online, watching films, all that jazz so the last two months I have actually purposefully tried to limit those to give me time to do other things.

I went camping!
Finally. Aged 22. I have finally experienced my first ever camping trip.
It was eventful !
Double decker bus reversed into my friends car on the way there- drama !
Once we were there however it was a lot of fun.
Traditional marshmallows toasted.
Traditional finding out halfway through the night there is a hole in your air bed and sleeping on the floor..
But I enjoyed it πŸ™‚

Anyone got any camping plans over summer?

I’ll be updating more about what I’ve been up to πŸ™‚

All my love, C xx


80’s band highlight….Dokken

SO, some of you may have seen in my previous posts….I love 80’s music.
Favourite time period for me.

I’ve been listening to 80’s rock/glam etc. for years and years.
I have to say, nowadays when people discuss classic / good 80’s bands, it saddens me a little how under acknowledged ‘Dokken’ are.

So, any of you fellow 80’s lovers who haven’t gave this band a proper listen…go do so πŸ˜€
I would particularly recommend ‘Unchain the night’ and ‘Dream Warriors’ but that’s just my personal preference πŸ™‚

Any recommendations of good bands ??
All my love, C xx

6 months of blogging….

So, I have been blogging for about 6 months now πŸ™‚
I remember a few months back I posted about what I felt about blogging so here is another little update.

-You can find the most interesting things on blogs…likewise, you will also find the most pointless.

-Friendships can be made just from the simple ‘likes & comments’ you grow to familiarize names and bloggers who take interest and vice versa.

-I still suck at commenting and talking to new people. Not that I don’t want to, I love making new friends. Yet I always think people will find my comments irrelevant/pointless.
Yet on the flip side, I would like to be more involved in conversations.

-It’s a good way to order your thoughts.

-It gets easier. At the start I felt like everyone had their fellow bloggers and I was just there…blogging about stuff. Keep at it, you soon merge slightly.

So, I’m still going to keep at it seems a lot of positives πŸ™‚
What’s everyone else’s views on blogging?

All my love, C xx

Butterscotch Angel Delight…my guilty pleasure!

Butterscotch Angel Delight is soo underrated !

Be warned…this is a rambling thought blog post πŸ™‚

However, I always forget about butterscotch a.d….then when I actually remember to buy some, I remember how much I actually love the stuff.
It reminds me of being little !
Plus, butterscotch flavor is just epic πŸ™‚

Anyone else a Butterscotch Angel Delight fan? πŸ™‚

All my love, C xx

MELA- International Cultural Festival

Mela Cultural festival

Mela Cultural festival

Today has been fun !

Been to Middlesbroughs Mela festival.
This happens every year and its a whole festival of stalls, rides, music, street performers, food and drink.
It’ brilliant!
I am now covered in Henna paste for my henna tattoo, with a bhindi on and a pretty head piece on (see image above!!)

Most of all, today I just love the atmosphere.
I love seeing all the different cultures around us.

I took my little sister down with me (She is 10) It was also brilliant for her to see that things are different and that there is so much for her to see and experience. (And I got to see her face light up when she also got a henna tattoo!)

Anyone else visited Mela?
Or been to any festivals similar? πŸ™‚

All my love, C xx

Cocoa Oil Makeup Tip #2

So, some of you may have seen my previous posts showing how great coconut oil has been whilst using upon my skin.
This is my second top tip for any of you Lipstick lovers who find it hard to keep your lips moisturized when wearing lipstick.

Cocoa Oil is available to purchase very cheaply and lasts a very long time. It is wondrous!

I love wearing lipsticks. Particularly dark red shades and majority of my favourites are Matt lipsticks.
The finish these lipsticks have I adore, but it plays havoc with drying out my lips which can leave my lipstick looking less than brilliant a few hours down the line sadly.

So, I have started trying using coconut oil as a base coat.
Simply add a drop of coconut oil to your lips, using either your finger or a cotton bud, whichever you prefer.
Really make sure you rub this in as you want your lips to absorb as much of the oil as possible.
Leave the oil for a few minutes until your lips have soaked the oil in (particularly a good trait of cocoa oil, its fast absorption)

Then simply apply your lipstick as per usual on top of your deep moisturized lips.

This really worked for me, it gave my lips that little added moisture to help stop the lipstick drying them out so quickly.
I hope this is help to anyone who has the same problems πŸ™‚

Any one else know any good tips for this?

All my love, C xx

New bands, gigs and the atmosphere of good music…

So last night I went to see a live band, of who before last night, I had never heard of before.
They are a rock/indie band from Leeds called ‘De Silva’.
I love gigs.
The atmosphere.
The people.
The music.
How everyone is there all for the same thing….to enjoy themselves and hear/see good music.

Now, usually when I go see a band I have listened to them before and know what to expect, whereas last night was a total blank page on that front.
What surprised me most, was how much fun it was. I wasn’t waiting for my ‘favourite song’ by them. Or hoping they would play certain things, I could just enjoy whatever they played as I had no expectations.

Pretty good band, played a lot of covers of 80s through to more recent rock songs but added their own twist to it πŸ™‚
The band members are all really nice guys too after talking to them between and after sets.

I’m now on a bit of a YouTube mission to find some more new bands to listen to….any suggestions?


Definitely think when I was a bit younger there was more of a thing of going to local gigs and such. Should happen more !

Any fellow gig lovers around the blogging sphere??

All my love, C xx

Weekends are for memories

Weekends excite me !
Monday-Friday is work life (except the evenings which are majority taken over by being exhausted), the weekend is my time.
It’s such an exciting feeling that I can do anything.
The possibilities are endless !
What has everyone got planned !?
All my love, C xxx

Iron Buddha Tea…

I love tea.
I’m also a huge fan of coffee.
I see a lot of places people expect you to be a fan of one and not the other, how amusing!

So, I love trying new teas and seeing which I like.
(Particular favourite so far is vanilla tea. Vanilla chai tea is also very nice, very festive)

It’s a Sunday morning, it’s pouring down outside (typical British summer eh!?)
What better time to try a new tea, in bed, while the rain pours down πŸ™‚

Today I’m trying ‘Iron Buddha Tea’
There seems to be a variation on this ones name but this is what it says on it so hey, lets go with that !
I was quite surprised by the taste of this one, it’s actually quite floral yet I find it has a smoky hint to it to!
Very interesting.
Definitely recommend trying it if you fancy something a little bit unique. πŸ™‚

This tea also has quite an interesting history, out of curiosity I googled the tea to see why it’s so different. as it goes, there are two different stories to how this tea came about but it’s not been stated which is actually true. How odd ! πŸ™‚

I am most definitely now just rambling about tea….so I shall leave it there !

Anyone else tried Iron Buddha tea?
Any suggestions for new ones to try? πŸ™‚

All my love, C xx

I’m officially….

…17% fluent in German and 10% fluent in Italian……according to the site I learn them off
I’d say this is progress from the last few weeks….right? :’)


So, today has been a ridiculously quiet and chilled out day and I’m not going to lie, it was well needed after a hectic week at work.

I’ve Β started reading the ‘Dorina Basarab’ series by Karen Chance.
Vampires, Witches, magical fantasy, so far so good!
Watched one of my favourite classic films ‘Ferris Buellers Day Off’
Cooked some curry and now I am in need some inspiration with what to do.

As many of you may have seen from my previous posts I have been looking for new things to do and try whether its a skill, hobby, places to go. Anything really.
Time to go exploring the internet for bizarre things!
Need something to keep me occupied tomorrow ! πŸ™‚

Any suggestions?
Anyone else having a chilled out Saturday? πŸ™‚

All my love, C xx